Biggleswade Camera Club – Summary of Risk Assessment Measures for the use of the Room at the

Weatherley Centre.

1.  Access to the Sullivan Hall for members will only be via the fire exit to the side of the main entrance.

2.  All members must wear a face covering on entering other parts of the Centre than the room where the meeting is being held..

3.  Sanitize your hands at the door with cleanser provided by Weatherley Centre.

4.  A Register will be inside the Meeting Room (MR). You must sign in with any changed contact details.  Signing this register is a mandatory Fire Regulation.  In the event of a fire, the register will be taken out and used to confirm to the Fire and Rescue Service that everyone has left the Building safely.

5.  Once in the MR it will be at the discretion of the Camera Club whether face coverings can be removed. Members will be notified prior to the meeting if the wearing of masks is required at a meeting.

6.  Members and visitors should collect the chair they wish to use from the stack and place it where they wish remain for the meeting and

must remain seated at all times during the main meeting.  The chair should  be returned to the stacking point at the end of the meeting.

7.  The room will be ventilated as much as possible – windows should be opened and the exit door should remain open if at all possible.

8.  Do not attend if you have any symptoms of Covid19, or anyone in your household has symptoms. If you come down with any symptoms within 14 days of being in the room you must inform the Club Secretary and inform NHS Track and Trace.  Members are requested to register using the Q-code at the entrance.

9.  Use of toilets – only 2 people in the toilet suites at any one time. Please close the seat cover before flushing and was hands thoroughly after using.

10.   Refreshments will be available from the Weatherley Centre on Club Nights but members must wear a suitable mask when ordering and collecting items form the bar.  Personal water for short-term use is permitted but any empty container must be taken home or disposed of safely.

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