Critique Group

Critique Group – a monthly Zoom meeting for members to discuss each other’s digital images. Each month members may upload one or two digital images with two versions of each if useful, such as a before and after post-processing. All of the images are then sent to every member of the group who have a week to look at them and may work on them to produce another version if they would like to. A Zoom invitation is sent to each member and a two hour meeting takes place where each photographer first describes their image – what it is, where and how taken, what they were trying to achieve, what processing has been applied, etc. Others then offer their comments with ideas for improvement. It is amazing what a fresh pair of eyes will notice that the photographer themselves missed. There has been very positive feedback on this resource from members. It helps those who take part to improve their images and to prepare them for club competitions, or for entry to national and international exhibitions as well as for possible RPS distinctions and PAGB awards. There is no charge for this group. The group is led by Brian Hunt and Tim Walton.

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